Comes the Wolf

Heiress Madeline Randall Forsythe is on the run for her very life, hiding out in a small Washington town as “Randie.” Fleeing a deadly family secret, she plans to move on every couple of months to stay alive. But the night she’s due to leave Silver Creek, a blizzard, a crunched fender, and a rescue by a handsome stranger complicate her escape. While she knows relationships are impossible for a fugitive, she’s tempted to make the most of her stranded time with sexy Aidan, even as she knows the closer she gets to strangers, the more chances she has of getting caught.

Tracker Aidan Chase has been hired to find the missing heiress, and the two hundred and fifty thousand dollars she stole from her father. His werewolf senses make him an ace at his craft and he’s never failed to find a target.

But from the start this proves to be no ordinary case, and when he locates “Randie” Forsythe in a small mountain town, an old enemy complicates the job almost as much as the sexy heiress does herself. Aidan must make a choice: obey his own rule to never get involved, or follow his gut instinct and protect the woman he senses is his heart mate.

“Comes the Wolf is an entertaining start to a new series.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐ Chris, Night Owl Romance

“I fell in love with Aiden, not just in lust. He was a beautifully written Alpha male.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Moonflower, Long and Short Reviews

“This was probably the most “real” erotic romance I have ever read.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐ ½ Whipped Cream Reviews

The wolf on the roof jumped at Aidan when his back was turned. Randie screamed and took a step off the porch. Aidan twisted and dived to his hands and knees.

The next instant, it wasn’t Aidan anymore. A gray wolf appeared where Aidan had just been.

Randie blinked. The world had skipped a beat, like a movie with a section of reel cut out.

The other, a darker animal with some reddish brown mixed in his coat, landed in front of the shed.

Randie blinked again. Blood rushed through her eardrums. The gray wolf was caught in the yellow T-shirt Aidan had been wearing. His jeans lay crumpled on the ground.

It can’t be. She was imagining it. Impossible. In the background of her thoughts, her father’s face loomed like a ghostly overlay, as though he were the reason for all this. He’s coming. None of this is real. I’m having a nightmare.

But it was a nightmare she couldn’t shake herself awake from. Her heart kicked against her ribs, instinct screaming at her to run, but Randie couldn’t move. Her frantic mind couldn’t choose a safe direction—even back into the cabin was too frightening to consider.

The wolves seemed to square off against each other over a heartbeat; then they leaped at each other like…like wild animals. The gray snarled and growled louder than anything she’d ever imagined. The sound alone convinced her that what she was seeing was real, but she still could not fathom how the scene unfolding before her had come to be.

Where had they come from?

The other barked and yelped in return but was clearly no match for the bigger wolf.

Their ferociousness snapped her back to reality. What she was seeing was so surreal, so impossible, yet it was happening right in front of her.

No. No, no!

Randie stumbled as she collided with the steps, only now realizing she’d been backing away.

Snow whipped up around their frenzied paws. The brown wolf rolled the gray, and just as quickly the gray reclaimed the advantage. The gray was still tangled in the yellow T-shirt.

Aidan’s T-shirt.

The brown wolf managed a vicious bite but came away with only the T-shirt. It tossed its head, flinging the tatters away. The gray seized the moment of distraction and attacked.

The brown wolf let out a yelp and skittered away. The gray advanced, teeth bared hideously. Even across the yard Randie could see its fury. It let out a growl and a fierce, snarling bark so frightening the hairs on her arms rose.

The brown wolf raced away. The gray lifted its head, ears pricked, watching it go.

She didn’t know much about wild animals, yet the behavior of the gray seemed odd for a wolf. As quickly as it was over, she began to doubt she’d really seen it at all.

Yet the wolf was still there, a nightmarish vision she couldn’t blink away.

Aidan did not turn into this animal. It was an illusion, a reaction to stopping my meds, a trick of the moon.

The full moon.

The gray wolf turned toward her. Its eyes flashed with a silver gleam as their gazes connected.

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