The Prince

Book 2
Universal Guard series

When she’s accidentally dosed with an alien drug, Universal Guard Search and Rescue Lieutenant Cara Garrett loses control of her inhibitions in a way that could get her laid for the first time in eons…or thrown in jail!

Cara Garrett took the lonely assignment on remote planet Ortheon Prime for a reason. After her sister’s affair with Cara’s fiancé, she needed a break from emotional drama stinking up her life.

When Prince Nagell crash lands on Ortheon, the pampered royal reminds her too much of the people she’s in the outskirts of the galaxy to avoid. He’s never had to work for anything. Though ordered to protect him, she makes one thing clear: she’s already rescued him from a tempestuous sandstorm and a roving band of mogunuks who’d like nothing better than to suck the marrow from his bones, so if he wants to survive, he’d better learn to watch his own ass. Even so, Cara can’t deny it’s a damn nice ass she wouldn’t mind sneaking a peek at from time to time. And when she’s accidentally dosed with a drug that makes her lose her inhibitions and show the dominant side she didn’t realize she had, Cara engages in some outrageous behavior that could get her laid for the first time in eons…or arrested for insubordination!

Prince Raife Nagell has never held an ounce of responsibility in his life. Pampered and sheltered as he’s molded into the future king, he gave up hoping to be recognized for his intelligence a long time ago. In a single day, his wishes for excitement are granted when his ship is attacked by mercenaries, his escape pod crashes on a remote planet, and he narrowly escapes being eaten by a gang of hideous beasts. But none of that compares to the incredible thrill that seizes him when he lays eyes on the raven-haired savior who drags his pathetic ass to safety. She wants nothing to do with him, and for the first time in his life, his looks, wealth, or title can’t do a damn thing to help him woo the pretty soldier. But Raife is not without a certain amount of charm, and when Lieutenant Garrett discovers he has a submissive side he didn’t even know he had, things really start to get interesting.

A royal symbol over the identification pad marked the prince’s chamber. Cara stopped outside and slugged back the remaining half of her drink. The sooner she got this over with, the sooner she could go back to her studio chamber—on the far side of the building—and put this year’s party behind her.

She faced the door, but her vision twisted and she felt as if her body was still moving a few seconds longer than it did.

“Oh no.” She braced herself on the door frame to keep from falling. This wasn’t plain old pobble juice.

Her mind said run, but her hand had missed the doorframe and landed directly on the scanner.

“First Lieutenant Garret, Cara,” the comm system sang in its pretty voice. She snatched her hand back.

The door slid open at Prince Nagell’s command.

Uh oh. She swallowed. Swirling eddies turned her insides into a funnel of gooey jelly where her organs used to be. Over it all, the sensation was ticklish, almost orgasmic.

“Lieutenant Garrett. I’d begun to think there had been a miscommunication when Maura said you’d be my escort.”

End this now, her mind screamed. She was in big trouble. What had she ingested? The Felinthians had countless crazy concoctions, all for one purpose— enhancing their sexual libido. This was bad. So, so bad.

“Uh, she was miscommunicated.” Was that even a word? “I was just coming to tell you so.”

His brows rose. His perfectly groomed, perfectly even, perfectly golden-brown brows. The small square of gauze at his forehead was the only indication he’d survived a near-fatal crash the day before. Otherwise he was…perfect.

She swallowed again. He made a striking picture in traditional black breeches and boots, and the red velvet, buttonless jacket of a military general. She wasn’t sure where he’d gotten the clothes, but they made him look delicious.

Great galaxies, where did that come from?

“A miscommunication? She was very specific.”

“Um, I don’t attend those parties. Maura made a mistake.”

“Oh, so you merely wear sexy unitards to sit around on your off time?” He quirked a half smile that made her tingle inside. “I’d love to see what you wear when you do laundry.”

She struggled for a response, but her fogged brain couldn’t come up with anything qualified to her usual level of snark. I want to eat you didn’t seem appropriate.

“Um. It was…I don’t have any civilian clothes.”

“It looks fantastic on you.” He tipped his head regally. “I’m sorry we won’t be attending the party together, Lieutenant.”

“Well then.” She turned.

“Of course, I could order you to accompany me.”

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