Whether you found your way here entirely by accident or have read my books before, I'm glad you've come to visit. It's been a very exciting year for me as an author. I've received the rights back to two of my previously published books, and they'lll be re-released soon on Amazon with gorgeous new covers and sparkling new editing. My latest release, The Pirate, the first in my Universal Guard series is available exclusively at Amazon, and is still free to Prime Members!





Black Feather's Bride
Book One in the Flying T Ranch series

The thought of marrying a man she doesn’t know is bad enough, but when she meets a half-breed Indian who ignites her desire, the idea of a wedding night with a stranger she doesn’t love turns abhorrent.

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Exclusively at Amazon
and FREE to Prime Members

The Pirate
a Universal Guard short story

She needs a rogue pilot...
He needs a get-out-of-jail-free card...

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Now available!

Meet the Guardians, a clan of immortal gargoyle shapeshifters who protect mankind, and the vampires they clash with.

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Edge of Night
Book one in the
Guardian's Realm Series
Edge of Winter
Book two in the
Guardian's Realm Series
Edge of Dawn
Book three in the
Guardian's Realm Series

Edge Of Night
Gabrielle Langson travels to San Francisco to find her missing sister, but instead discovers bloodthirsty vampires, hunkalicious Guardian gargoyles, and an undead prince intent on claiming her as his bride.

Edge Of Winter
Accidentally cast through a magical portal to an enchanted prison with slave girl and a vampire fugitive, a Guardian warrior must come to terms with their situation, and the irrefutable past he shares with his vampire enemy.

Edge Of Dawn
VTF agent Robert Almaden burned his bridges with the world’s most annoying vampiresse in San Francisco, but in order to save his son, he’s forced to travel to the most vampire-infested country in the world, Romania, to beg for her help.



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